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Learning SaltStack

By : Colton Myers
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Learning SaltStack

By: Colton Myers

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Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Our first state

Without further ado, let's write our first state. All Salt-specific files that aren't Python files end in the extension .sls. By default, states are located in the /srv/salt directory. We created this directory in the previous chapter, but if you didn't follow along there, make this directory now, as follows:

# mkdir -p /srv/salt
# cd /srv/salt

Inside of this directory, let's create a file called apache.sls, as shown in the following line of code:

# vim apache.sls

Here are the contents of that file:

    - name: apache2


State files are formatted using Yet Another Markup Language (YAML). The most common syntax errors in state files are forgetting the colons at the end of the first two lines, so watch out for that. More information about YAML can be found at

Let's run our state. To apply states to our minions, we actually use the state execution module. For now, we will use the state.sls function, which allows us to run...