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Learning SaltStack

By : Colton Myers
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Learning SaltStack

By: Colton Myers

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Adding a new minion

The initial examples in this chapter will be all about cross-platform states. To make the examples clearer, we will add a new minion running CentOS 6.5. See Chapter 1, Diving In – Our First Salt Commands, if you need a refresher on how to install salt-minion on a new server. Here's a quick two-liner to install a minion using Salt-Bootstrap:

# curl -L -o
# sudo sh


Note that the easiest way to ensure the minion can easily communicate with the master is to have them both as cloud VMs rather than local VMs so that they have individual, public-facing IP addresses.

After installing the same version running on my master, I configured my minion to connect to my master's IP with the name centminion. Here is my /etc/salt/minion configuration on my new minion:

id: centminion

Then, of course, restart your minion, as follows:

# sudo service salt-minion restart
Stopping salt-minion daemon:       ...