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Learning SaltStack

By : Colton Myers
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Learning SaltStack

By: Colton Myers

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Storing our states in Git with GitFS

Up to this point, we've been storing all of our Salt files in folders on the master. Those files are then served by the master to the minions at their request. This fileserver system is actually a pluggable interface.

This means that we can store our Salt data in any platform we choose, assuming a Salt fileserver module has been written for that platform.

There are fileserver modules available for a variety of systems, including Git, Mercurial, Amazon S3, and SVN. The only one we'll be exploring in this text is the Git fileserver, or GitFS.


Showing a full example of how to set up a Git repository, add and commit states, and run those states is out of the scope of this book, so we will only be touching upon basic configuration details. If GitFS is of interest to you, feel free to try it out. Otherwise you can skip this section. There is an extensive tutorial on the advanced features of GitFS in the documentation at