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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms

By : Sangram Rath
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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms

By: Sangram Rath

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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms
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Types of provisioning

Provisioning is the process of preparing, creating, or setting up a resource and making it available for use. This resource can be a virtual machine or a server in generic terms.

Red Hat CloudForms can provision virtual machines (also called as instances in the cloud terminology) and hosts (otherwise called servers).

Virtual machines

Virtual machines are provisioned from templates. The provisioning type (or where to provision from) varies from provider to provider.

The provisioning types supported on VMware are:

  • NetApp

  • VMware

  • PXE

The provisioning sources supported on a Red Hat infrastructure are:

  • ISO

  • PXE

  • Native clone


The term "instance" is used for virtual machines when creating in Amazon EC2 and OpenStack infrastructures. CloudForms uses images to deploy instances that are available from the respective cloud providers.


Apart from the automated provisioning of virtual machines or instances, Red Hat CloudForms also supports provisioning of hosts using the Automation Engine server role and a template. The provisioning technologies supported are:

  • PXE

  • IPMI

  • ISO (only from RHEV data stores)