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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms

By : Sangram Rath
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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms

By: Sangram Rath

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Hybrid Cloud Management with Red Hat CloudForms
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Alerts are a way of notifying changes and threshold limits in a hybrid cloud environment. This is done through either an e-mail or an SNMP trap. Before we can work with creating and using alerts, a couple of prerequisites need to be performed:

  • Enable the Notifier server role by the following steps:

    1. Navigate to Configure and then to Configuration.

    2. On the server settings page, under the Server Control section, select the Notifier role and then click on Save.

  • Configure the SNMP and SMTP

Alerts can be created for virtual machines, instances, and CloudForms Management Engine operations.

They can be created for each of these categories based on some default values provided by CloudForms Management Engine, or using custom expressions.

Creating a new alert

Red Hat CloudForms provides options to create new alerts for use. To begin working with alerts, click on Control and select Explorer. Select the Alerts accordion, click on Configuration, and select Add a new Alert.

Creating a new alert involves...