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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

By : Gyanendra Kumar Gautam, Ashish Bhambhani, Abhishek Kumar, James Corbould, Mahindra Morar, Martin Abbott
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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure

By: Gyanendra Kumar Gautam, Ashish Bhambhani, Abhishek Kumar, James Corbould, Mahindra Morar, Martin Abbott

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Any software developers, architects, and technical managers lookng to learn about Azure IaaS essentials need look no further. This book is ideal for Microsoft Enterprise developers, DevOps or any IT professionals looking to connect cloud-based and on-premises systems with Azure.
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Robust Cloud Integration with Azure
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As the world becomes ever more connected to the cloud, integration is more relevant and important than ever. Also, as enterprises trust the cloud to run more and more workloads, robustness is a core non-negotiable requirement. With the diversity of services and applications both in the cloud and on premises, the need to provide the connective tissue that gets systems and services talking in a clean and efficient way is paramount. Let’s not forget that everyone also wants to achieve and improve the reuse and manageability as well as implementing their solutions quicker. Enterprise integration skills and experience are core competencies for this generational shift. As a practitioner for more than 20 years, I’ve seen this evolving firsthand, and the pace of innovation has not only been dramatic, but it’s also accelerating.

Keeping up with everything has become a challenge in itself and the goal of this book is to get you success in your projects as fast as possible. It covers everything from basic introductions to services to complex integration solutions all underpinned with practical and easy-to-understand scenarios that help consolidate your learning. Whether it is creating a simple Logic App or a more complex hybrid integration solution that spans both cloud and on premises, this book delves deep into all the key technologies that are part of the current integration landscape in Microsoft Azure.

Mahindra, Abhishek, Martin, James, Gautam, and Ashish have accumulated over 50 years of integration knowledge between them, and they use this experience to great effect to tell the story of cloud and hybrid integration in a way that is accessible and easy to learn. Using a fictional company, Sunny Electricals, they stitch together solutions that are immediately relevant and usable. I’m sure you’ll enjoy reading this book as much as I did and gain valuable insights from these experts that will help you be a great integration professional as well.

There’s never been a more exciting time to be working in the integration space. It's time for you to take your first steps into the world of Robust Cloud Integration with Azure!

Jon Fancey

Principal Program Manager

Pro Integration, Microsoft Corporation