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Deployment with Docker

By : Srdjan Grubor
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Deployment with Docker

By: Srdjan Grubor

Overview of this book

Deploying Docker into production is considered to be one of the major pain points in developing large-scale infrastructures, and the documentation available online leaves a lot to be desired. With this book, you will learn everything you wanted to know to effectively scale your deployments globally and build a resilient, scalable, and containerized cloud platform for your own use. The book starts by introducing you to the containerization ecosystem with some concrete and easy-to-digest examples; after that, you will delve into examples of launching multiple instances of the same container. From there, you will cover orchestration, multi-node setups, volumes, and almost every relevant component of this new approach to deploying services. Using intertwined approaches, the book will cover battle-tested tooling, or issues likely to be encountered in real-world scenarios, in detail. You will also learn about the other supporting components required for a true PaaS deployment and discover common options to tie the whole infrastructure together. At the end of the book, you learn to build a small, but functional, PaaS (to appreciate the power of the containerized service approach) and continue to explore real-world approaches to implementing even larger global-scale services.
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Evaluating next-gen technologies

Something that I personally have been feeling has been left out of most documentation and learning material about containers (and most other tech topics) is proper evaluation and risk assessment of emerging technologies. While the risk of choosing a fundamentally flawed music player is trivial, choosing a fundamentally flawed cloud technology could tie you up in years of pain and development that you would otherwise not have needed. With the speed of tooling creation and development in the cloud space increasing at break-neck speed, good evaluation techniques are something that you might want to have in your toolbox of skills as they can save you effort, time, and money in the long run. Hunches are great but having a solid, repeatable, and deterministic way of evaluating technologies is a much more likely way to cause long-term success.


Please note that while the advice given here has had a pretty good track record for me and other people I have talked...