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AWS CDK in Practice

By : Mark Avdi, Leo Lam
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AWS CDK in Practice

By: Mark Avdi, Leo Lam

Overview of this book

As cloud applications are becoming more complex, multiple tools and services have emerged to cater to the challenges of running reliable solutions. Although infrastructure as code, containers, and orchestration tools, such as Kubernetes, have proved to be efficient in solving these challenges, AWS CDK represents a paradigm shift in building easily developed, extended, and maintained applications. With AWS CDK in Practice, you’ll start by setting up basic day-to-day infrastructure while understanding the new prospects that CDK offers. You’ll learn how to set up pipelines for building CDK applications on the cloud that are long-lasting, agile, and maintainable. You’ll also gain practical knowledge of container-based and serverless application development. Furthermore, you’ll discover how to leverage AWS CDK to build cloud solutions using code instead of configuration files. Finally, you’ll explore current community best practices for solving production issues when dealing with CDK applications. By the end of this book, you’ll have practical knowledge of CDK, and you’ll be able to leverage the power of AWS with code that is simple to write and maintain using AWS CDK.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
Part 1: An Introduction to AWS CDK
Part 2: Practical Cloud Development with AWS CDK
Part 3: Serverless Development with AWS CDK
Part 4: Advanced Architectural Concepts


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AccessKeyID 35

Amazon Machine Image (AMI) 4

Amazon Web Services (AWS) 3, 120

API Gateway 111, 165

assertion tests 92-94

automated testing 87

auto scaling group 44

AWS access key ID 11

AWS Account ID 90

AWS Budgets 152

AWS CDK 5-8, 165

Docker, used for creating containerized web application 15-19

inner workings 19, 20

AWS CDK assertions module

reference link 89


setting up 12, 13

AWS certification

reference link 166

AWS Chatbot Slack plugin 69


profile, setting up 8-12

setting up 8

AWS CloudFormation template 18

AWS CloudWatch 152

AWS console journey

completing 50-53

AWS Control Tower 158

AWS Cost Explorer 152

AWS Database Migration Service 53

AWS Fargate 106

AWS landing zone 158...