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Lucene 4 Cookbook

By : Edwood Ng, Vineeth Mohan
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Lucene 4 Cookbook

By: Edwood Ng, Vineeth Mohan

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Lucene 4 Cookbook
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Adding a document

After index and mapping are created, we can begin sending data to Elasticsearch for indexing. We can use either HTTP PUT or POST to submit data. The difference between these two methods is that with PUT, we need to specify a unique ID, whereas with POST, Elasticsearch will automatically generate an ID for us. Here is the general URL format to submit a document:


Both methods accept data in JSON format. In our scenario, the JSON format should be in a flat key value pair structure.

How to do it...

Let's look at an example. We will use both HTTP methods to submit news articles to our index.


curl -XPUT 'http://localhost:9200/news/article/1' -d '
    "title" : "Europe stocks tumble on political fears , PMI data" ,
    "publication_date" : "2012-03-30",
    "content" : "LONDON (MarketWatch)-European stock markets tumbled to a three-month low on Monday, driven by steep losses for banks and resource firms...