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Getting Started with MariaDB

By : Daniel Bartholomew
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Getting Started with MariaDB

By: Daniel Bartholomew

Overview of this book

MariaDB is a database that has become very popular in the few short years that it has been around. It does not require a big server or expensive support contract. It is also powerful enough to be the database of choice for some of the biggest and most popular websites in the world, taking full advantage of the latest computing hardware available. From installing and configuring through basic usage and maintenance, each chapter in this revised and expanded guide leads on sequentially and logically from the one before it, introducing topics in their natural order so you learn what you need, when you need it. The book is based on the latest release of MariaDB and covers all the latest features and functions. By the end of this beginner-friendly book, not only will you have a running installation of MariaDB, but you will have practical, hands-on experience in the basics of how to install, configure, administer, use, and maintain it.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
Getting Started with MariaDB Second Edition
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About the Reviewers

David Chanial is a French autodidactic system administrator and programmer. He has been setting up high-availability hosting solutions for years, especially using Gentoo Linux, Apache/Nginx, PHP, MariaDB/MySQL, and Python/Perl/C.

Having sold the French company Euro Web (hosting, dedicated servers, managed services, and consulting) in 2011, which he cofounded and managed on a technical level from 2003, he spent some time working as a consultant and a system/API developer through his company, DaviXX.

Since 2013–2014, in addition to working independently through his company on projects using Ansible, MariaDB, Django, and embedded electronics and reviewing books such as MariaDB High Performance, Packt Publishing, David held the position of a system administrator and network director at Believe Digital Group, managing database issues (big data), network infrastructure, and homemade storage solutions.

Emilien Kenler, after working on small web projects, began focusing on game development in 2008 while he was in high school. Until 2011, he worked for different groups and specialized in system administration.

In 2011, while studying computer science engineering, he founded a company that sold Minecraft servers. He created a lightweight IaaS ( based on new technologies, such as Node.js and RabbitMQ.

Thereafter, he worked at TaDaweb as a system administrator, building its infrastructure and creating tools to manage deployments and monitoring.

In 2014, he began a new adventure at Wizcorp, Tokyo. In 2014, Emilien graduated from the University of Technology of Compiègne, France.

Emilien has also contributed as a reviewer on Learning Nagios 4, MariaDB High Performance, OpenVZ Essentials, and Vagrant Virtual Development Environment Cookbook, all books by Packt Publishing.

Giacomo Picchiarelli is a test and software engineer with 6 years of experience in designing data-driven applications and MySQL administration. He has a strong background in Linux systems and test-driven development.