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Mastering OpenCV 4 - Third Edition

By : Roy Shilkrot, David Millán Escrivá
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Mastering OpenCV 4 - Third Edition

By: Roy Shilkrot, David Millán Escrivá

Overview of this book

Mastering OpenCV, now in its third edition, targets computer vision engineers taking their first steps toward mastering OpenCV. Keeping the mathematical formulations to a solid but bare minimum, the book delivers complete projects from ideation to running code, targeting current hot topics in computer vision such as face recognition, landmark detection and pose estimation, and number recognition with deep convolutional networks. You’ll learn from experienced OpenCV experts how to implement computer vision products and projects both in academia and industry in a comfortable package. You’ll get acquainted with API functionality and gain insights into design choices in a complete computer vision project. You’ll also go beyond the basics of computer vision to implement solutions for complex image processing projects. By the end of the book, you will have created various working prototypes with the help of projects in the book and be well versed with the new features of OpenCV4.
Table of Contents (12 chapters)

OpenCV stitching in an Objective-C++ wrapper

For working in iOS, OpenCV provides its usual C++ interface that can be invoked from Objective-C++. In recent years, however, Apple has encouraged iOS application developers to use the more versatile Swift language for building applications and forgo Objective-C. Luckily, a bridge between Swift and Objective-C (and Objective-C++) can be easily created, allowing us to invoke Objective-C functions from Swift. Xcode automates much of the process, and creates the necessary glue code.

To start, we create a new file (Command-N) in Xcode and select Cocoa Touch Class, as shown in the following screenshot:

Choose a meaningful name for the file (for example, StitchingWrapper) and make sure to select Objective-C as the language, as shown in the following screenshot:

Next, as shown in the following screenshot, confirm that Xcode should create...