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Generative AI with Python and TensorFlow 2

By : Joseph Babcock, Raghav Bali
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Generative AI with Python and TensorFlow 2

4 (1)
By: Joseph Babcock, Raghav Bali

Overview of this book

Machines are excelling at creative human skills such as painting, writing, and composing music. Could you be more creative than generative AI? In this book, you’ll explore the evolution of generative models, from restricted Boltzmann machines and deep belief networks to VAEs and GANs. You’ll learn how to implement models yourself in TensorFlow and get to grips with the latest research on deep neural networks. There’s been an explosion in potential use cases for generative models. You’ll look at Open AI’s news generator, deepfakes, and training deep learning agents to navigate a simulated environment. Recreate the code that’s under the hood and uncover surprising links between text, image, and music generation.
Table of Contents (16 chapters)
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An Introduction to Generative AI: "Drawing" Data from Models

In this chapter, we will dive into the various applications of generative models. Before that, we will take a step back and examine how exactly generative models are different from other types of machine learning. The difference lies with the basic units of any machine learning algorithm: probability and the various ways we use mathematics to quantify the shape and distribution of data we encounter in the world.

In the rest of this chapter, we will cover:

  • Applications of AI
  • Discriminative and generative models
  • Implementing generative models
  • The rules of probability
  • Why use generative models?
  • Unique challenges of generative models