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Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days

By : Agus Kurniawan
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Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 Days

By: Agus Kurniawan

Overview of this book

Intelligent IoT Projects in 7 days is about creating smart IoT projects in just 7 days. This book will help you to overcome the challenge of analyzing data from physical devices. This book aims to help you put together some of the most exciting IoT projects in a short span of time. You'll be able to use these in achieving or automating everyday tasks—one project per day. We will start with a simple smart gardening system and move on to a smart parking system, and then we will make our own vending machine, a smart digital advertising dashboard, a smart speaker machine, an autonomous fire fighter robot, and finally look at a multi-robot cooperation using swarm intelligence
Table of Contents (9 chapters)
Essential Hardware Components

Building an autonomous firefighter robot

An autonomous firefighter robot is basically an autonomous robot with an objective of sprinkling water on a fire. To achieve this goal, the robot will move around to find a fire source. While moving, a robot should handle obstacle problems.

A sample design of an autonomous firefighter robot can be seen here:

The robot should have a water sprinkler module and fire and obstacle detection sensors. The robot platform can be based in Arduino, Raspberry Pi, or other MCU boards.

The idea of an autonomous robot for firefighting is similar in behavior to a common autonomous robot, but with additional features to detect fires and sprinkle water on them.

We can modify our autonomous robot design from the previous section for a firefighter robot scenario. You can see the modified design here:

We've added fire detection and water sprinkling to...