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Application Development with Swift

By : Hossam Ghareeb
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Application Development with Swift

By: Hossam Ghareeb

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Metal has a lot of features that make it a good choice to use in your 3D graphics app or game. Here you can find a list of features of Metal:

  • It provides extremely low-level access to A7 and A8 GPU to enable high performance to your graphics rendering.

  • It eliminates a lot of performance bottlenecks, such as state validation, that is found in most common graphics APIs.

  • It is designed to be efficient with Apple hardware to ensure the highest speed with low overhead.

  • It provides up to 10x number of draw calls in your app compared to OpenGL ES.

  • A big enhancement in game is load time performance, thanks to the support of precompiled shaders. They're an incredibly important part of rendering a realistic gaming experience. Precompiling enables them to load faster.

  • It is designed to move all expensive operations and creation of objects to be outside the runtime of the game loop.


Although Metal is very efficient and gives you high performance, I really don't recommend it as a choice to make...