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Building Web Applications with ArcGIS

By : Hussein Nasser
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Building Web Applications with ArcGIS

By: Hussein Nasser

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About the Reviewers

Hani M. Basheer is a GIS expert, Oracle Certified Professional DBA, and Esri Certified ArcGIS Desktop Associate. He has graduated as a surveying engineer with a technical Postgraduate Diploma in Esri GIS. He has over 15 years of experience in the field of Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Esri products.

Throughout his career, he has worked on several enterprise GIS projects in Egypt and Saudi Arabia; he has also worked with the Egyptian SDI project. He moved to Saudi Arabia in 2007 to work with a leading GIS company, Farsi GeoTech, dealing with many GIS projects. Hani moved to National Water Company in 2010 to establish a GIS unit for managing water and waste water utilities networks in Jeddah city.

Hani has over 10 years of experience in the field of technical training for Esri GIS products. During this period, he has delivered many successful training sessions in the Middle East to different business industries such as petroleum, mining, education, electricity, and municipalities.

Throughout his career, he has worked with most of Esri products, ArcGIS, Geodatabase, ArcGIS Server, ArcSDE, Python, Arc Objects, and Esri extensions. He has also worked with Oracle RDBMSs, where he earned four DBA OCPs, and with SAN storage, GPS, and GPS CORS systems.

Brian Small is a self-confessed computer geek since age 11 and has been in the field for nearly 30 years. He earned his first computer (a Franklin Ace 500) by picking raspberries and strawberries at his family's farm, and has learned coding by typing the listings from the Nibble and Byte magazines in the 1980s. His early IT career was focused on end-user technical support and dabbling with application development. His mid-IT career focused more on administration of enterprise business systems such as work management, inventory/purchasing management, and GIS systems. Currently, his main focus is on the administration of GIS systems based on the Esri product platform and developing web mapping applications.

Outside of work, his interests are diverse, which include playing the piano, wandering the trails and backpacking in the North Cascades, building a digital weaving loom, and building his own CNC machine.

Brian has worked in the local government for over 16 years providing IT and GIS support, which included providing end-user technical support, supervision of support technicians, administration of various enterprise systems, and also as a GIS senior analyst who administers ArcGIS for Server, ArcSDE, ArcGIS Online, and other Esri products as well as developing web mapping applications based on the Esri JavaScript API.

Currently, Brian is a partner in Salish Coast Sciences, LLC—a small company that provides GIS consulting services, which include GIS system evaluation, GIS system implementation, web application development, and so on.