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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook

By : Paul Goodey, Paul Goodey GP
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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook

By: Paul Goodey, Paul Goodey GP

Overview of this book

Salesforce CRM is a market-leading customer relationship management (CRM) application that is accessed over the Internet. It is a proven system which helps to manage large volumes of information across an organization and also improves communication between departments for exceptional customer service. The CRM application is available for the management of sales projections and orders, marketing plans, knowledge management, service and support, partner relationships, and data analytics. The application greatly enhances a company's sales performance, improves customer satisfaction, and provides a robust customer relationship management system for an organization. For optimum performance of the system, there are a lot of things for you as the Salesforce administrator to know and tackle, but there isn't a single book which focuses on the administrative aspect of Salesforce CRM. "Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook" enables you to instantly extend and unleash the power of Salesforce CRM. It provides clear, comprehensive instructions along with detailed screenshots and code. Whether you are looking for solutions to enhance the core features or are looking for ideas for advanced customization techniques, this book will provide you with immediate, practical, and exciting real-world recipes. This book provides practical, step-by-step instructions that cover the use of hidden features, advanced user interface techniques, solutions for process automation, and data and systems integration in detail. This book guides you through interesting topics spanning a variety of functional areas. Recipes are provided that cover data quality and automation, approval and workflow processing, solutions to increase productivity, and the integration of Salesforce CRM with external tools and applications, such as Google and Microsoft Outlook. "Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook' provides practical, step-by-step instructions to deliver enhanced functionality and extend the power of Salesforce CRM.
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Salesforce CRM Admin Cookbook
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Displaying Case Priority flags using a formula field and images

The use of certain colors to represent certain states has become commonplace throughout the world. Red generally conveys a warning and on the ubiquitous traffic signal means stop.

Continuing with the look at traffic signals, and the use of red for stop, green for go, and yellow for proceed with caution, these colors are ranked in the order—red, yellow, and green—and using flags of these colors allows us to rank statuses and to highlight certain priorities.


Salesforce CRM contains accessible images of red, yellow, and green flags.

In this recipe, we will display an image according to a certain priority setting on the Case record detail page where the priority setting is selected using the standard picklist field called Priority.

How to do it...

Carry out the following steps to create a formula field to display images:

  1. Navigate to the Case customization setup page by going to Your Name | Setup |...