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Penetration Testing with Raspberry PI

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Penetration Testing with Raspberry PI

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Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi
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Chapter 2. Preparing the Raspberry Pi

The Raspberry Pi should be considered an underpowered platform for security assessments. This is because it has been designed as a low-cost, portable computer primarily targeting educationalists and hobbyists. This open platform may be limited in computing power, but it does provide many powerful use cases that security professionals can leverage for penetration testing and other service engagements. The focus of this chapter will be on how to prepare a Raspberry Pi running Kali Linux (or other platforms) for a penetration test.

The following topics will be covered in this chapter:

  • Raspberry Pi use cases

  • The Command and Control server

  • Preparing for a penetration test

  • Overclocking

  • Setting up wireless cards

  • Setting up a 3G USB modem with Kali Linux

  • Setting up the SSH service

  • SSH default keys and management

  • Reverse shell through SSH

  • Stunnel

  • Wrapping up with an example