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Penetration Testing with Raspberry PI

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Penetration Testing with Raspberry PI

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Penetration Testing with Raspberry Pi
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Overclocking the Raspberry Pi can improve the performance. The risk of doing this can also greatly reduce the life of the hardware. Overclocking may require more power from the Raspberry Pi, so if you are powering it from a weak power source, overclocking could cause issues. We have had some problems resulting in what appears to be corruption in microSD cards and operating systems when overclocking the Raspberry Pi.


Only overclock the Raspberry Pi if you can accept the risk that you may permanently damage your system.

To overclock the Raspberry Pi, you can use the raspi-config application for advanced hardware manipulation. Unfortunately, this application does not come with the Kali Linux image and requires some configuration. Don't worry; we have made the following steps pretty easy for you to follow. They are:

  1. From your Raspberry Pi command line, type:



    You can also use the official...