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Magento PHP Developer????s Guide, 2nd Edition

By : Allan MacGregor
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Magento PHP Developer????s Guide, 2nd Edition

By: Allan MacGregor

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Magento PHP Developer's Guide Second Edition
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Hello Magento!

In previous chapters, we learned about the Magento code pools (core, community, and local). As we don't intend to distribute our module on Magento Connect, we will create it under the local directory.

All Magento modules are kept inside packages or namespaces. For example, all the core Magento modules are kept under the Mage namespace. For the purpose of this book, we will use Magento Developer's Guide (Mdg).

The Magento naming convention for modules is Namespace_Modulename

Our next step is to create the module structure and configuration files. We need to create a "namespace" directory under app/code/local/.

The namespace can be anything you like. The accepted convention is to use the company name or the author name as the namespace. So, our first step will be to create the directory app/code/local/Mdg/. This directory will hold not only our gift registry module, but any future modules we develop.

Under our namespace directory, we will also need to create a new directory with...