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Magento PHP Developer????s Guide, 2nd Edition

By : Allan MacGregor
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Magento PHP Developer????s Guide, 2nd Edition

By: Allan MacGregor

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Magento PHP Developer's Guide Second Edition
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Testing the route

Now that we have created our router and controller, we can test it out by opening, for which we should see the following screen:

By default, Magento will use both the index controller and index action as defaults for each extension. So, if we go to, we should see the same screen as the one shown in previous screenshot.

To conclude our introduction to the creation of the Magento module, let's add a new route to our controller:

  1. Navigate to the extension root directory.

  2. Open IndexController.php.

  3. Copy the following code:

    The file location is app/code/local/Mdg/Hello/controllers/IndexController.php.

    class Mdg_Hello_IndexController extends Mage_Core_Controller_Front_Action
         public function indexAction()
         echo 'Hello World this is the default action';
         public function developerAction()
             echo 'Hello Developer this is a custom controller action';

    Finally, let's test it out and load the new action route by going to