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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers

By : Andrey Ankshin
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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers

By: Andrey Ankshin

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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers
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Chapter 3. Integrating Knockout.js in ASP.NET MVC Applications

In this chapter, we'll use our Knockout.js experience to create a simple ASP.NET MVC application. We'll create an application in pure Knockout.js plus ASP.NET MVC without external libraries. You'll also learn how to create a Model in C# and connect it with the MVVM structure in JavaScript.

We assume that you have some basic experience of developing ASP.NET MVC applications with Visual Studio, including familiarity with the Razor view engine. Also, we assume that you have got an understanding of the previous chapter, which explains the Knockout.js basics.

The list of topics that will be covered in this chapter are as follows:

  • Creating an empty ASP.NET MVC application with Knockout.js support via NuGet

  • Creating a C# Model and connecting it with JavaScript code

  • Client-server interaction in a Knockout.js ASP.NET MVC application with the Razor view engine