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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers

By : Andrey Ankshin
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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers

By: Andrey Ankshin

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Getting Started with Knockout.js for .NET Developers
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In this chapter, we got acquainted with the Knockout MVC library. This library can be very useful in certain cases for developing a simple ASP.NET MVC application, because it allows you to keep all business logic on the server and eliminates you from having to write client JavaScript code manually.

We started with a very simple "Hello World" application and discussed the basic Knockout MVC concepts. After that, we rewrote the HomeLibrary application from the previous chapter with a new approach. This helps us get away from the necessity to write JavaScript code because now we can develop our application (include model and logic) only on C#.

In the next two chapters, we will dive deeper into some useful features of native Knockout.js and its Knockout MVC wrapper. You can develop a simple Knockout.js and Knockout MVC application right now, but Chapter 5, Advanced Features of Knockout.js, and Chapter 6, Advanced Features of Knockout MVC, will help you better understand the structure of...