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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

By : Arturas Lebedevas, Jebin BV
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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development

By: Arturas Lebedevas, Jebin BV

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The web is dead – applications now rule our online experiences. But how are you going to build them? Well, if you’ve been paying attention, you might already have tried your hand with MeteorJS, the JavaScript framework that helps you build complete full-stack web applications that are responsive and fast with ease. Mastering MeteorJS Application Development shows you how to do even more with MeteorJS – if you’re ready to try a comprehensive course through one of the most exciting frameworks in web development today, this is the book you need. Designed to take you through the entire process of building an advanced multipage application with Meteor, you’ll be able to bring your web development ideas with surprising ease. You’ll not only learn how Meteor makes web development easier, but also how you can make using Meteor easier, by automating and simplifying tasks so you can be confident you have full control of everything in your workflow – especially everything that could go wrong. From automated testing to integrating other useful frameworks such as Angular and D3, each chapter covers a crucial element in the Meteor development process. Discover how to integrate animations using Meteor’s Blaze, to give your UI designs the edge, and explore reactive programming to effectively harness RESTful systems in your projects. You will also learn how to deploy and scale your application, two crucial aspects of modern development and vital in a changing digital environment with users expecting a product and experience that delivers. With further insights on developing for mobile – and how Meteor can help you tackle the challenges of the trend – and details on incorporating SEO strategies into your application, this book isn’t just a code tutorial – it’s about creating a product that users love.
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Mastering MeteorJS Application Development
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It is not necessary to emphasize on the importance of debugging for developers. It is an everyday thing that we do to understand code, identify bugs, and verify that code works fine. At novice level, we use print statements to debug applications. In JavaScript, we have used the alert statements, which are deadly if missed. Then, there were the console.log statements that silently log the parameters to the browser console. We can also use the console.log statements in Node.js code. It logs the output to the server console, which is the terminal. Non-novice developers have a different level of testing because all of these print statements are time-consuming. The iteration it takes to identify and fix a bug is higher. That is why we needed advanced tools that can stop the code execution at the interested line of code and give us the ability to inspect the variable at the given context. The best example would be Chrome developer tools.

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