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The New Engineering Game

By : Tim Weilkiens
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The New Engineering Game

By: Tim Weilkiens

Overview of this book

Organizations today face an increasingly complex and dynamic environment, whatever their market. This change requires new systems that are built on the foundation of a new kind of engineering and thinking. The New Engineering Game closes the gap between high-level reflections about digitalization and daily engineering methods and tools. The book begins by describing the first three industrial revolutions and their consequences, and by predicting the fourth industrial revolution. Considering the fourth industrial revolution, it explains the need for a new kind of engineering. The later chapters of the book provide valuable principles, patterns, methods, and tools that engineering organizations can learn and use to succeed on the playfield of digitalization. By the end of the book, you’ll have all the information you need to understand the various concepts to take your first steps towards the world of digitalization.
Table of Contents (5 chapters)

Zigzag Pattern

The zigzag pattern describes the relationship between the problem space and the solution space, or, in other words, between the requirements and the product architecture.

Requirements should not anticipate the solution. They describe the What, and the product architecture describes the How. It sounds easy, but it is not easy.

Requirements are solution-free, and they contain solution aspects at the same time. It depends on the viewpoint and level of abstraction.

Let's assume that you have solution-free requirements (I argue that these requirements are not viable in practice). Now, you derive a product architecture that satisfies the requirements and you get the typical what/how pair. For example, you have requirements for a transportation system for people, and you derive a product architecture that specifies a car. The car solution leads to new requirements that contain aspects of that solution, for example, requirements about the engine of the car and self-driving capabilities...