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AWS DevOps Simplified

By : Akshay Kapoor
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AWS DevOps Simplified

By: Akshay Kapoor

Overview of this book

DevOps and AWS are the two key enablers for the success of any modern software-run business. DevOps accelerates software delivery, while AWS offers a plethora of services, allowing developers to prioritize business outcomes without worrying about undifferentiated heavy lifting. This book focuses on the synergy between them, equipping you with strong foundations, hands-on examples, and a strategy to accelerate your DevOps journey on AWS. AWS DevOps Simplified is a practical guide that starts with an introduction to AWS DevOps offerings and aids you in choosing a cloud service that fits your company's operating model. Following this, it provides hands-on tutorials on the GitOps approach to software delivery, covering immutable infrastructure and pipelines, using tools such as Packer, CDK, and CodeBuild/CodeDeploy. Additionally, it provides you with a deep understanding of AWS container services and how to implement observability and DevSecOps best practices to build and operate your multi-account, multi-Region AWS environments. By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with solutions and ready-to-deploy code samples that address common DevOps challenges faced by enterprises hosting workloads in the cloud.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Part 1 Driving Transformation through AWS and DevOps
Part 2 Faster Software Delivery with Consistent and Reproducible Environments
Part 3 Security and Observability of Containerized Workloads
Part 4 Taking the Next Steps

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