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AWS DevOps Simplified

By : Akshay Kapoor
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AWS DevOps Simplified

By: Akshay Kapoor

Overview of this book

DevOps and AWS are the two key enablers for the success of any modern software-run business. DevOps accelerates software delivery, while AWS offers a plethora of services, allowing developers to prioritize business outcomes without worrying about undifferentiated heavy lifting. This book focuses on the synergy between them, equipping you with strong foundations, hands-on examples, and a strategy to accelerate your DevOps journey on AWS. AWS DevOps Simplified is a practical guide that starts with an introduction to AWS DevOps offerings and aids you in choosing a cloud service that fits your company's operating model. Following this, it provides hands-on tutorials on the GitOps approach to software delivery, covering immutable infrastructure and pipelines, using tools such as Packer, CDK, and CodeBuild/CodeDeploy. Additionally, it provides you with a deep understanding of AWS container services and how to implement observability and DevSecOps best practices to build and operate your multi-account, multi-Region AWS environments. By the end of this book, you’ll be equipped with solutions and ready-to-deploy code samples that address common DevOps challenges faced by enterprises hosting workloads in the cloud.
Table of Contents (19 chapters)
Part 1 Driving Transformation through AWS and DevOps
Part 2 Faster Software Delivery with Consistent and Reproducible Environments
Part 3 Security and Observability of Containerized Workloads
Part 4 Taking the Next Steps


In the realm of technology, a huge shift has occurred in recent years that has reshaped the way businesses operate. Cloud computing, spearheaded by Amazon Web Services (AWS), has revolutionized the very foundations of IT infrastructure, offering an elastic, on-demand platform for hosting modern software workloads in a cost-efficient and reliable manner. Concurrently, the rise of DevOps practices has transformed how security, operations, and software development teams collaborate, aiming for maximum speed, agility, and continuous improvement.

An interconnected web of compute resources spanning the globe and a virtual environment that can be tailored to meet the precise needs of any project is a wonderful world that AWS has brought to life. But the journey to the cloud isn’t solely about technology; it’s also about the transformative mindset that accompanies this shift. And that’s where DevOps comes in. To be successful, organizations must adopt DevOps principles that align with cloud-native environments, enabling them to deliver high-quality software faster and respond swiftly to market changes.

In this book, we will understand the ways in which AWS and DevOps harmoniously intersect and will delve into the tools, techniques, and mindsets that drive success in both worlds. I believe the best way to comprehend something is to engage with it firsthand; so, the chapters introduce a topic and gradually transition from theory to practice, with each section taking you closer to a solution deployed in your AWS account. The hands-on exercises have been carefully crafted to align with real-life enterprise use cases. You can extend these solutions further, depending on your interests or the needs of your organization.

As we progress through the chapters, I will share my experiences of working with organizations at different stages of their transformation journey, and how AWS and DevOps have helped them during this transition.

So, whether you are a seasoned IT professional seeking to master the cloud or a developer who is eager to reshape the software delivery life cycle, this book is your guide to leveraging the boundless potential that awaits at the intersection of AWS and DevOps.

Let’s dive in!