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Big Data Visualization

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Big Data Visualization

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Gain valuable insight into big data analytics with this book. Covering the tools you need to analyse data, together with IBM certified expert James Miller?s insight, this book is the key to data visualization success. ? Learn the tools & techniques to process big data for efficient data visualization ? Packed with insightful real-world use cases ? Addresses the difficulties faced by professionals in the field of big data analytics
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Big Data Visualization
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Example 2

Using the previous business scenario (of Product Sales and Promotion Spend totals) as a starting point, let's build a dashboard that might be more real world in nature.

What's the goal? - purpose and audience

The very first step in creating any dashboard, using any tool or even manually, is establishing an objective, or what is the dashboard trying to solve?

Let's consider the idea that the marketing executives of our organization BIGGIG Enterprises want to monitor how their Promotion Spend might be affecting overall Product Sales.

Our dashboard requirements might be listed as follows:

  • Show total product sales dollars for the current year--CY Sales

  • Show total product sales dollars for the prior year--PY Sales

  • Show total promotion spend dollars for the current year

  • Show total product spend dollars for the prior year

  • Visualize monthly product sales dollars with an average indicator

  • Visualize monthly promotional spend dollars with an average indicator

  • Visualize sales versus spend by month

  • Visualize...