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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By : Leif Larsen
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Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services

By: Leif Larsen

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Take your app development to the next level with Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services. Using Leif's knowledge of each of the powerful APIs, you'll learn how to create smarter apps with more human-like capabilities. ? Discover what each API has to offer and learn how to add it to your app ? Study each AI using theory and practical examples ? Learn current API best practices
Table of Contents (20 chapters)
Learning Microsoft Cognitive Services
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Knowing your mood using the Emotion API

The Emotion API allows you to recognize emotions from faces, both in images and videos.

Research has shown that there are some key emotions that can be classified as cross-cultural. These are happiness sadness, surprise, anger, fear, contempt, disgust, and neutral. All of these are detected by the API, which allows your applications to respond in a more personalized way, by knowing the user's mood.

We will learn how to recognize emotions from images first, so our smart-house application can know our mood.

Getting images from a web camera

Imagine that there are several cameras around your house. The smart-house application can see how your mood is at any time. By knowing this, it can utilize the mood to better predict your needs.

We are going to add web-camera capabilities to our application. In case you do not have a web camera, you can follow along, but load images using the techniques we have already seen.

First we need to add a NuGet package to our smart...