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Kibana 8.x – A Quick Start Guide to Data Analysis

By : Krishna Shah
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Kibana 8.x – A Quick Start Guide to Data Analysis

By: Krishna Shah

Overview of this book

Unleash the full potential of Kibana—an indispensable tool for data analysts to seamlessly explore vast datasets, uncover key insights, identify trends and anomalies, and share results. This book guides you through its user-friendly interface, interactive visualizations, and robust features, including real-time data monitoring and advanced analytics, showing you how Kibana revolutionizes your approach to navigating and analyzing complex datasets. Starting with the foundational steps of installing, configuring, and running Kibana, this book progresses systematically to explain the search and data visualization capabilities for data stored in the Elasticsearch cluster. You’ll then delve into the practical details of creating data views and optimizing spaces to better organize the analysis environment. As you advance, you'll get to grips with using the discover interface and learn how to build different types of extensive visualizations using Lens. By the end of this book, you’ll have a complete understanding of how Kibana works, helping you leverage its capabilities to build an analytics and visualization solution from scratch for your data-driven use case.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
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Part 1: Exploring Kibana
Part 2: Visualizations in Kibana
Part 3: Analytics on a Dashboard
Part 4: Querying on Kibana and Advanced Concepts


Seven years ago, I stumbled upon Elasticsearch – not as a technical instructor but as a wide-eyed data detective. It was after that I discovered Kibana; I was captivated by its ability to transform cold, numerical figures into vibrant stories, each query a brushstroke painting the canvas of insights. As I delved deeper, its power to democratize data analysis, making it accessible not just to elite statisticians but to anyone with a curious mind, ignited a passion within me.

This passion led me to the world of official Kibana 8 training, where I witnessed firsthand the transformative impact it had on individuals and organizations. But a nagging feeling persisted – the existing resources, while comprehensive, felt like dense tomes for seasoned explorers, leaving newcomers lost in the wilderness of data.

That’s where the seed of this book was sown. I envisioned a guide that didn’t just explain the “what” and “how” of Kibana but also captured the “why.” I wanted to translate the magic I saw in classrooms onto the page, making Kibana not just a tool but a bridge to a world of data-driven discovery.

Researching this book wasn’t just about combing through documentation and tutorials; it was about reliving the journey of my students. I revisited the challenges they faced, the “aha!” moments they experienced, and the questions that lingered long after the training ended. I talked to data enthusiasts, industry experts, and fellow Kibana instructors, gathering their insights and weaving them into a tapestry of practical knowledge.

Each chapter became a brushstroke on the canvas of my vision. I crafted exercises that mirrored real-world scenarios, using familiar datasets to make the learning process relatable and engaging. I translated complex concepts into digestible language, using humor and anecdotes to keep the journey as enjoyable as it is informative.

This book is more than just a compilation of Kibana functionalities; it’s an invitation to embark on a data-driven adventure. It’s for the curious mind, the aspiring analyst, or anyone who wants to unlock the secrets hidden within their data. It’s my way of sharing the magic I witnessed, igniting that spark of data passion in others, and guiding them on their own journey from data novice to empowered data detective.

Ready to transform raw data into captivating stories? This book is your Rosetta Stone, unlocking the power of Kibana 8.x. Delve into Discover, craft visual symphonies with dashboards, and unveil hidden patterns with Machine Learning (ML) and Time Series Visual Builder (TSVB). Master ES|QL’s precise sculpting, bend data with dynamic runtime fields, and learn to manage your domain with ease. Let Kibana be your data maestro, conducting insights with elegance and precision. Now, turn the page and let the analysis begin!