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Kibana 8.x – A Quick Start Guide to Data Analysis

By : Krishna Shah
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Kibana 8.x – A Quick Start Guide to Data Analysis

By: Krishna Shah

Overview of this book

Unleash the full potential of Kibana—an indispensable tool for data analysts to seamlessly explore vast datasets, uncover key insights, identify trends and anomalies, and share results. This book guides you through its user-friendly interface, interactive visualizations, and robust features, including real-time data monitoring and advanced analytics, showing you how Kibana revolutionizes your approach to navigating and analyzing complex datasets. Starting with the foundational steps of installing, configuring, and running Kibana, this book progresses systematically to explain the search and data visualization capabilities for data stored in the Elasticsearch cluster. You’ll then delve into the practical details of creating data views and optimizing spaces to better organize the analysis environment. As you advance, you'll get to grips with using the discover interface and learn how to build different types of extensive visualizations using Lens. By the end of this book, you’ll have a complete understanding of how Kibana works, helping you leverage its capabilities to build an analytics and visualization solution from scratch for your data-driven use case.
Table of Contents (17 chapters)
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Part 1: Exploring Kibana
Part 2: Visualizations in Kibana
Part 3: Analytics on a Dashboard
Part 4: Querying on Kibana and Advanced Concepts

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Introduction to Kibana, unlocks the power of Kibana by diving into the vibrant world of data visualization. This chapter lays the foundation, introducing you to Kibana – an interactive platform that transforms raw data into captivating stories. You’ll learn its purpose, its core features, and why it’s the go-to tool for data explorers. Moreover, you will be guided through the exciting process of setting up your own Kibana environment, from installing and configuring the software to connecting it to your data source.

Chapter 2, Creating Data Views and Introducing Spaces, unlocks two powerful features that elevate your analysis game. You’ll be guided through crafting tailored data views and personalized dashboards that focus on specific aspects of your data, letting you zero in on critical insights by creating a data view that helps you select and work on a specific type of data in Kibana. Then, you will be prepared to explore the revolutionary concept of Kibana spaces. This chapter unlocks doors to efficient data sharing, streamlined workflows, and a world where collaboration takes center stage.

Chapter 3, Discovering Data through Discover, equips you with the tools to explore your datasets like a seasoned detective, sifting through raw information to uncover hidden patterns and unveil compelling insights. You’ll master the powerful search bar, unleashing precise queries to pinpoint specific data points. You’ll learn the Kibana Query Language to search through your data and also create filters. You’ll see how Discover helps us explore the data before you begin your analytics journey on your dataset.

Chapter 4, How About We Visualize?, unlocks the visual language of data in Kibana, transforming cold numbers into captivating stories. Forget static spreadsheets – here, you’ll wield diverse charts and graphs like magic wands, revealing hidden patterns and trends within your information. You’ll get to explore the power of bar charts, line graphs, and heatmaps, learning how each Lens editing tool paints a unique picture of your data’s essence. You’ll master the art of selecting the right visual for the job, ensuring your insights resonate with clarity and impact.

Chapter 5, Powering Visualizations with Near-Real-Time Updates, dives into the exciting world of near real-time data visualization with TSVB. You’ll learn to craft visualizations that update seamlessly as new information flows in, revealing hidden patterns and trends as they unfold. You get to explore TSVB’s powerful features, such as expressions, aggregations, and bucket scripting, empowering you to transform raw data into captivating stories that update with the pulse of your live systems.

Chapter 6, Data Analysis with Machine Learning, will delve into the exciting realm of ML within Kibana. Imagine using data patterns and algorithms to uncover hidden insights, predict trends, and automate anomaly detection. You’ll get to explore tools such as anomaly detection, outlier analysis, and even supervised learning, all within your familiar Kibana interface. It is a powerful fusion of data analysis and ML, unlocking a whole new layer of understanding and actionable insights from your data.

Chapter 7, Graph Visualization, will help you learn to untangle the web of your data! This chapter equips you with the power of graphs to unveil hidden connections, trace relationships, and spot patterns lurking beneath the surface of numbers.

Chapter 8, Finally, the Dashboard, teaches you how to transform raw data into visually captivating dashboards that tell a clear and compelling story. You will craft interactive layouts, weave together powerful visualizations, and apply custom filters to empower anyone to explore and understand your data with ease. This is where information comes alive, guiding informed decisions and sparking insightful conversations.

Chapter 9, ES|QL and Advanced Kibana Concepts, explores the power of data manipulation where you dive into ES|QL, crafting custom Elasticsearch queries to sculpt your insights. You will unleash runtime fields, dynamically generating data points for deeper analysis on the fly. Finally, you will master advanced Kibana settings to understand how to fine-tune your environment for maximum visual impact and intuitive exploration.

Chapter 10, Query DSL and Management through Kibana, takes a deep dive into the pulse of your data with Query DSL. You will craft precise searches, sculpt results, and bend information to your will. We’ll explore Kibana’s data management tools, keeping your information kingdom organized and secure. Prepare to master both precision and control, one query and setting at a time!