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World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide

By : Eric Gilmour
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World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide

By: Eric Gilmour

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World of Warcraft provides an immersive gaming experience with an exciting new world to explore. In this world (of Warcraft), players use gold to improve their characters and buy exciting items such as armor, vanity items, pets, mounts, and so much more. WoW gold not only helps with levelling up, but also helps the player gain respect in the WoW community."World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide" will show you the most effective ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. It includes detailed examples and instructions that will set you up to efficiently make plentiful amounts of gold both now and in future expansions."World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide" will arm you with all the latest strategies to become a World of Warcraft gold tycoon. Start by setting up your accounts for optimal gold making and progress through to advanced market techniques. You will learn to maintain thousands of auctions per day, master add-ons to reduce time spent making gold and increase time spent playing, and set yourself up to obtain anything you want in game. The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide teaches readers how to go from rags to riches.
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World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide
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Alchemy, one of the original professions launched with the game, mostly deals with the creation of consumables that players use to give themselves short-term increases in power (for example, more intellect or stamina), although they are known for transmutes as well, turning lesser metals or gems into rarer ones. The main products of Alchemy are as follows:

  • Potions

  • Elixirs

  • Flasks

  • Transmutes

While Potions, Elixirs, and Flasks are consumed directly by the end user when needed, the results of transmutes, gems, or metals, have to be cut or crafted into another item by another profession, such as Blacksmithing and Jewelcrafting, before being sold to the end user.

Learning new recipes

Most of the recipes in Alchemy are learned at random by creating other items, such as potions, elixirs, and transmutes. You can either try to force the discovery of these new crafts by mass-producing potentially unprofitable items, or you can play the waiting game and go about business as you usually would and wait...