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World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide

By : Eric Gilmour
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World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide

By: Eric Gilmour

Overview of this book

World of Warcraft provides an immersive gaming experience with an exciting new world to explore. In this world (of Warcraft), players use gold to improve their characters and buy exciting items such as armor, vanity items, pets, mounts, and so much more. WoW gold not only helps with levelling up, but also helps the player gain respect in the WoW community."World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide" will show you the most effective ways to make gold in World of Warcraft. It includes detailed examples and instructions that will set you up to efficiently make plentiful amounts of gold both now and in future expansions."World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide" will arm you with all the latest strategies to become a World of Warcraft gold tycoon. Start by setting up your accounts for optimal gold making and progress through to advanced market techniques. You will learn to maintain thousands of auctions per day, master add-ons to reduce time spent making gold and increase time spent playing, and set yourself up to obtain anything you want in game. The World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide teaches readers how to go from rags to riches.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)
World of Warcraft Gold Strategy Guide
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Whenever a game has a currency or mechanism to buy things in-game, players become concerned with how to best acquire it, and preferably in large quantities. In World of Warcraft, gold drives the in-game economy and players spend hours every week trying to collect enough of it to play the rest of the game effectively. A select few take it one step further—they want to be on Azeroth's rich list, being able to buy whatever they want in-game, with gold being no concern.

Unfortunately, World of Warcraft is fraught with misinformation about how to obtain these levels of gold. This book aims to remove the fog and mystery of mega gold-making and teach the reader how to make the most gold, most efficiently.

What this book covers

Chapter 1, Setting Up Your Gold-Making Empire, explores how to lay the groundwork for your gold-making empire.

Chapter 2, Earning Your First Gold, gives an introduction to entry-level methods of making gold.

Chapter 3, Exploring Your Major Income Sources, explores your major sources of gold in-game, including farming, manufacturing, and the shuffle.

Chapter 4, Using Your Professions Effectively, provides explanations and guides to every major profession in the game.

Chapter 5, The Tools of the Trade, gives a comprehensive rundown of the add-ons and tools you'll need to maximize your gold-making.

Chapter 6, Understanding and Profiting from Market Behavior, explains how the market behaves in World of Warcraft and how to best profit from it.

Chapter 7, Expanding and Streamlining Your Empire, broadens your horizons and tells you how to conquer the World of Warcraft gold-making scene.

Chapter 8, The Final Stages of Becoming a World of Warcraft Gold Tycoon, gives advanced tips and tricks to give you an edge in gold-making.

What you need for this book

An active World of Warcraft subscription and all the expansions up to, and including, Mists of Pandaria. Many of the techniques also require at least one level-90 character.

Who this book is for

Any World of Warcraft player who is tired of copper pinching and wants to finally be able to buy anything they want in-game.


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