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HTML5 Game Development Hotshot

By : Seng Hin Mak, Makzan Makzan (Mak Seng Hin)
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HTML5 Game Development Hotshot

By: Seng Hin Mak, Makzan Makzan (Mak Seng Hin)

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HTML5 Game Development HOTSHOT
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Handling collision detection

In this task, we detect if the ball passes through the hoop and we reward the player with scores. We will also create a world boundary and remove balls that are out of bounds.

Prepare for lift off

The detection is done by placing a sensor between the hoop squares. The following figure shows how the sensor is placed:

For the boundary, it will be a long body that is placed at the bottom of the world, as shown in the following figure:

Engage thrusters

Let's add the sensor and handle the collision in the following steps:

  1. First, we append the createHoop method to create a body between the two little hoop squares. We set it as a sensor so that the balls can pass through it:

    physics.createHoop = function() {
      // existing hoop code goes here.
      // hoop sensor
      bodyDef.type = b2Body.b2_staticBody;
      bodyDef.position.x = (hoopX+20)/pxPerMeter;
      bodyDef.position.y = hoopY/pxPerMeter;
      bodyDef.angle = 0;
      fixDef.isSensor = true;
      fixDef.shape = new b2PolygonShape();