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Learning JavaScript Robotics

By : Kassandra Perch
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Learning JavaScript Robotics

By: Kassandra Perch

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Learning JavaScript Robotics
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Special concerns when using motors and servos

Projects that use servos and motors have some special considerations for them that are mostly focused around power and the fact that Johnny-Five projects are tethered to the computer running the Johnny-Five code.

Power concerns

Servos and motors draw a lot of power. This can be an issue when you are using several of them. If you are using 5V servos and motors and more than two or three at a time, you should use an external power supply for your Arduino to draw this extra current without affecting performance. These power supplies are usually plugged in to an external outlet, and look like the following figure.



Before plugging any external power supply into your board, make sure that the board you are using is voltage regulated for the voltage of the power supply; for an Arduino Uno, this is 12V. When in doubt, use a 5V power supply for Arduinos. Also, follow proper safety protocols when dealing with outside power sources. SparkFun...