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Mastering Mobile Test Automation

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Mastering Mobile Test Automation

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Mastering Mobile Test Automation
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Optimizing the test automation strategy

In the test automation strategy definition phase, the tool identification and acquiring process is carried out along with the identification of the automation approach to be selected. As we saw in the previous chapters, there are four major ways of automating any mobile application. So, at this stage of the project, the project manager and automation architect have to identify the most suitable approach to test the automation from the four ways, as follows:

  • Automation using emulators and simulators

  • Automation using user agents

  • Automation using physically present real devices

  • Automation using cloud devices

With each of these approaches, a variety of tools may be selected, which we discussed in the previous chapters, and their pros and cons should be thoroughly considered before finalizing any tool.


Refer to Chapter 2, Designing Mobile Automation Frameworks, for the tool evaluation matrix. The parameters listed in Chapter 2, Designing Mobile Automation...