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Open Text Metastorm ProVision 6.2 Strategy Implementation

By : Bill Aronson
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Open Text Metastorm ProVision 6.2 Strategy Implementation

By: Bill Aronson

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Open Text ProVision® (formerly known as Metastorm ProVision®) is an Enterprise Architecture (EA) solution allowing for effective planning and decision making throughout the enterprise. It enables an organization to have a central repository of information about the business, reducing organizational risks and better optimizing business resources. Implemented well, it enables better and more actionable decisions exactly when you need them.This book combines theory and practice to provide a step- by- step guide to building a successful customer- centric model of your business. The approach is simple and down to earth, and along the way, with various real-world examples, you will learn how to make a business case, use a framework, and adopt a methodology with Open Text ProVision®. This book draws on the experience of ProVision® experts around the world. By combining theory with practice from the field you can avoid common mistakes and develop a successful customer centric strategy for implementing ProVision®. Each chapter builds on the previous one to give you the confidence to implement a central repository, dealing with both the technical and human issues that you might face.
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Open Text Metastorm ProVision® 6.2 Strategy Implementation
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Chapter 1. Designing a Strategy

Where do we start to build a strategy? Let's start with a working definition. A strategy is a plan to achieve a goal. Every situation may require different strategies and different plans. However, it is possible to apply a consistent way to design a strategy. The benefit of doing so is that everyone involved learns a consistent language.

In this first chapter I will show you a five-layer strategy framework, developed by global business coaching company Shirlaws ( It can be applied to any business issue that you want to understand in greater detail. The five levels are:

  • Context: What is the context for deploying ProVision® in your organization?

  • Strategy: How will you develop a fully documented strategy for the deployment?

  • Implementation: How will you implement the first deployment across the business?

  • Next Phase: How will you mentor and pre-plan the next phase?

  • Leverage: How will you leverage what you have learned across the organization?

Typically, organizations do not pay sufficient attention to the second level and jump straight from Level 1 (context) to Level 3 (implementation). Level 2 (strategy) requires the organization to slow down in order to speed up. As a result, they do not get the full benefits and are unable to leverage.