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Moodle for Mobile Learning

By : Mark Aberdour
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Moodle for Mobile Learning

By: Mark Aberdour

Overview of this book

Mobile devices have become ubiquitous and offer many new possibilities for learning. Moodle, when combined with a mobile device, opens up a new world of possibilities to teachers, instructors, and training professionals to develop their courses. The learning experience can be hugely improved by playing to the strengths of mobile devices, and Moodle for Mobile Learning helps you do just that."Moodle for Mobile Learning" is a practical, hands-on guide that provides you with ideas and step-by-step exercises that will help you leverage the features of mobile devices in your Moodle course designs. It also aims at providing you with hands-on knowledge in creating mlearning courses so that you can create your own effective mobile learning interactions.Looking at the underlying theory of mobile learning, "Moodle for Mobile Learning" aims to enable you to apply this to course design using Moodle. Organized into key sectors including schools, further and higher education, and workplace learning, this book will take you through a number of clear, practical recipes that will help you to take advantage of mobile technology in your Moodle course design.You will learn how to develop your mobile learning strategy and whether to use a mobile friendly Moodle theme or a Moodle mobile app to deliver your strategy. There are certain types of learning activities that are perfectly suited to mobile delivery. We look at delivering podcasts, engaging with social media, setting up photo, video and audio assignments, setting up eBook and App libraries, uploading audio assignment feedback, submitting reflective logs, using chat and messaging tools, using web conferencing and much more.Mobile devices already form the backbone of your learners' daily lives. If you want to use Moodle to bring those devices into the learning process, then this is the book for you.
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Moodle for Mobile Learning
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A huge debt of gratitude is owed to all of my colleagues at Epic. When I came back to the company in 2011, I had zero previous exposure to mobile learning, and the teams at Epic supported me on a huge learning curve with regards to what mobile learning is all about. With particular regards to this book, I would like to thank Imogen Casebourne and Ishmael Burdeau for initial ideas for content, and the wider Platforms and Mobile teams for their constant stream of inspiration and new ideas for what we can do with Moodle and mobile learning. I would also like to thank the project managers and sales and marketing team for chasing down permissions for the case studies.

I also owe thanks to a number of people for their assistance in writing this book:

Gavin Henrick for his sound advice on publishing a Moodle book based on the times he has done this himself.

Stuart Lamour, Carol Shergold, and Paulo Oprandi from the University of Sussex e-learning team for their fascinating insights and passion for improving Moodle's user experience and responsive design, much of which has improved my thinking and helped shape this book.

Bas Brands, Stuart Lamour, and David Scotson for their amazing work on the initial Bootstrap theme for Moodle, a project to which I am immensely proud to have contributed and to have seen make it into Moodle Core.

For general advice and conversations about mobile learning and Moodle during the writing of this book: Craig Taylor, Lesley Price, Nitin Parmar, Ross McKenzie, John Foord, Dan Jeffries, Lewis Carr, and Rob Englebright.

To my reviewers, whose valuable feedback and supportive comments lifted my spirits at the end of the laborious writing process.

And finally to my wife Rachel for putting up with my long nights while I was writing this book. And to my children Molly, George, and Cooper for sleeping soundly throughout. Love to you all.