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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By : Richard L Helton
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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By: Richard L Helton

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The saga workflow

The purpose of the saga is to provide workflow. It provides the persistence of the saga data so that a message can return to the saga and have a point of reference to the original messages.

The source code in this section is in the CreditCardApproval – v5 section. It was compiled in Visual Studio 2012 using NSB Version 5.0. The projects will appear as the following:

Here we have the following projects:

  • AppCommon: This contains the ViewModel and Context for the Windows forms.

  • AppForAccountingDept: This receives a purchase order number related to the approval of the credit card.

  • CreditCardApproval: This approves the credit card.

  • CreditCardSubmit: This submits the credit card for approval.

  • CreditCardMessages: This contains the common messages for the projects.

  • CreditCardSaga: This is the credit card saga that directs the workflow and message routing by using message handling and saga data.

The flow of the messages, which does all the work (thus, workflow), will start with the...