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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By : Richard L Helton
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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By: Richard L Helton

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Creating a WCF server

We will start by creating a WCFServer project in Visual Studio, as the server needs to be running before it can communicate with the client. By adding the reference NServiceBus.Host from NuGet or Package Manager Console, several NSB default settings will be created in the App.config file for the project, an EndpointConfig.cs file with AsA_Server will be created, and the project will be set to run with an NServiceBus.Host.exe executable. We can see the creation of the files by the reference in the following screenshot:

When we add an NServiceBus.Host reference, through either NuGet or Package Manager, into the project, many other items will be added into the project as well. These other items are as follows:

  • An EndpointConfig.cs file will be created in the project with the default settings to add endpoints.

  • The project will be set to run as a DLL, being executed by an NServiceBus.Host.exe executable when run from the debugger.

  • Several default settings for creating a generic...