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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By : Richard L Helton
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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By: Richard L Helton

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Neil Bourgeois is a software engineer at Pentair Technical Solutions, where he leads the Engineering Software team. Solutions he has architected and implemented include a high-volume metering and billing system for the utilities industry and an industry-leading 3D engineering tool for the industrial heat-tracing field. He applies the discipline of Agile software development to his work and believes that great software comes from great team cultures. He strives to lead his teams to great cultures.

Prashant Brall is a principal consultant and senior software architect/developer who uses Microsoft technologies. He works for Veritec Pty Ltd ( in Canberra, Australia, and has been developing software for the past 18 years. He enjoys writing about his experiences on his blog at

Prashant has also reviewed the book Instant AutoMapper, Packt Publishing.

In his leisure time, he enjoys watching movies with his wife and playing musical instruments.

Mark Huber is a developer, team manager, and general-purpose tech enthusiast who lives and works in Dallas, Texas. In the last several years, he has focused on specializing in large-scale web platforms in the automotive market. He has spent the majority of his time in the .NET environment, but believes the key to mastering your preferred domain is expanding beyond traditional boundaries to look at how other languages and technologies approach the same problems. He has been an avid researcher of other platforms including Java, Ruby, Python, and others. He is also a strong advocate of interweaving .NET projects with supporting open source technologies not traditionally considered with a .NET platform, such as ElasticSearch, Redis, RabbitMQ, Memcached, and others.

Mark is currently a software development manager working at, a Dealertrack technology solution. He is privileged to work with a team of developers, QA, DevOps, product owners, and many others, who truly live the principles and values of the Agile Manifesto ( as well as view their work through the lens of the Software Craftsmanship Manifesto (


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