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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By : Richard L Helton
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Learning NServiceBus Sagas

By: Richard L Helton

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Understanding ServicePulse and its function

ServicePulse is an operational monitoring tool for applications in NSB. It has three main functions: monitoring heartbeats, monitoring errors, and retrying extensibility for custom checks.

We can get a dashboard of failed messages, endpoint heartbeats, successful messages, and custom checks as shown in the following screenshot:

Besides the dashboard, we can get endpoint overviews, failed messages, custom checks, and configurations as shown in the following screenshot:

ServicePulse is an important tool as it can tell us which endpoints are running. In order for ServicePulse to be running at all, ServiceControl will have to be installed. It is important to have ServiceControl operational to run ServicePulse and ServiceInsight.

Understanding ServiceControl and its function

As mentioned before, for ServicePulse to work, ServiceControl has to be installed. ServiceControl can be downloaded from

ServiceControl is a service...