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PrestaShop Module Development

By : Fabien Serny
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PrestaShop Module Development

By: Fabien Serny

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PrestaShop Module Development
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Displaying information on the order confirmation page

As you read at the beginning of this chapter, the payment module we are making should handle both check and bank wire payments. So we will now publish the check and bank wire information (address, IBAN, and so on) on the order confirmation page in order to give this information to the customer.

There is nothing new to learn here, so I will quickly describe the steps.

We first have to create a configuration form in our payment module to permit the merchant supplying his or her check and bank wire information. Since a module confirmation form is something we saw in the previous chapter, you can create your own or copy it from the code attached to the code of this chapter (see controllers/hook/getContent.php and views/templates/hook/getContent.tpl). Also, do not forget to add the getContent method in your module's main class:

public function getContent()
  $controller = $this->getHookController('getContent');
  return $controller->run...