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KnockoutJS Essentials

By : Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando
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KnockoutJS Essentials

By: Jorge Ferrando, Jorge F Ferrando

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KnockoutJS Essentials
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Creating a new product

To create a product, follow the same steps as in the previous section:

  1. Add an AJAX mock call in the mocks/product.js file:

      url: '/products',
      dataType: 'json',
      responseTime: 750,
      responseText: {
        'data': {
          text: 'Product created'

    You should keep in mind some considerations:

    • You should use the POST verb to create an object. Actually, you can use any verb you want, but as per the RESTful API conventions, the POST verb is the one you should use to create new objects.

    • The response text is a message that provides some information about the result.

    • The result itself is managed by the headers:

    • If you get a 2xx value in the status, the done method is fired.

    • If you get a 4xx or 5xx error, the fail method is called.

  2. Go to the modelview.js file and update the addProduct function:

    var addProduct = function (data) {
      var id = new Date().valueOf();
      var product = new Product(