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Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

By : Federico Kereki
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Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook

By: Federico Kereki

Overview of this book

JavaScript has evolved into a language that you can use on any platform. Modern JavaScript Web Development Cookbook is a perfect blend of solutions for traditional JavaScript development and modern areas that developers have lately been exploring with JavaScript. This comprehensive guide teaches you how to work with JavaScript on servers, browsers, mobile phones and desktops. You will start by exploring the new features of ES8. You will then move on to learning the use of ES8 on servers (with Node.js), with the objective of producing services and microservices and dealing with authentication and CORS. Once you get accustomed to ES8, you will learn to apply it to browsers using frameworks, such as React and Redux, which interact through Ajax with services. You will then understand the use of a modern framework to develop the UI. In addition to this, development for mobile devices with React Native will walk you through the benefits of creating native apps, both for Android and iOS. Finally, you’ll be able to apply your new-found knowledge of server-side and client-side tools to develop applications with Electron.
Table of Contents (15 chapters)

Adding HTTP logging with Morgan

In the previous section, we managed to provide a very basic HTTP logging feature when we included some middleware that did Winston logging:

app.use((req, res, next) => {`${req.method} request for ${req.originalUrl}`);

While this worked, there is much more information that we could desire, such as the HTTP status code for the response, the processing time it required, and more, so let's add Morgan into the mix, since that package is specific for requests logging.

You can learn more about Morgan at

In this recipe, we'll add Morgan to our software stack so that we can get better logs for all the processed requests.

How to do it...