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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook

By : Roberto Vespa
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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook

By: Roberto Vespa

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SignalR Real-time Application Cookbook
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In this chapter, we'll try to put together most of the concepts and features that we have been analyzing so far in order to build a few full-fledged sample applications. Of course, we will not be able to deliver bulletproof solutions where every single detail is deeply tested, every visual widget properly styled, and every workflow ramification thoroughly conceived, but each of the following recipes will give you an idea about how you could structure a real-world project putting several things together and using SignalR to glue them whenever you need to deliver a real-time experience.

For each recipe, we'll give you a brief description of both its goals and its design. We'll proceed by going through the code and trying to minimize its comments unless it's strictly related to SignalR, but at the same time, listing all the relevant parts so that you can get to the end of the exercise having built something that actually works. We will not indulge too much in describing a task such...