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Instant Getting Started with VMware Fusion

By : Michael Roy
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Instant Getting Started with VMware Fusion

By: Michael Roy

Overview of this book

Running Windows on your Mac can seem complicated, but this book will make things easy by showing you how to get the most out of VMware Fusion. Having a virtual copy of Windows on your Mac can let you make a secure backup of your files and run Windows applications, which makes your computer more versatile. This book will show you how to start running Windows on your Mac, with practical examples of how to keep your Virtual Machine secure, backed up, and running smoothly. You will learn about the new features of VMware Fusion 6 and where to get help and support for the software when you need it. This book will walk you through what you need to know to safely and securely run Windows on your Mac. It then proceeds to show you how to upgrade to Windows 8, and shows you how you can seamlessly switch between Windows 7 and Windows 8 using snapshots. Next, it covers all that you need to know to safely and securely run Windows on a Mac computer with Intel processors. You will also learn how to manage your Virtual Machine backups and keep your VM safe. The recipes in this book will give you a helpful head start in getting the most out of VMware Fusion 6.
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About the Reviewers

Ryan Johnson is a staff technical account manager, who works for VMware as a part of professional services. He has over 18 years of enterprise experience, including engineering, research and development, enterprise technology and business architecture, service management, and professional services.

Prior to joining VMware, he was the enterprise technology architect for Citizens Property Insurance Corporation of Florida, where he led the Enterprise Architecture Program and was responsible for the aspects of technology, applications, and information architecture.

He holds numerous industry certifications from VMware, Microsoft, EMC, Red Hat, and others.

For a mix of hypertext fragments, pixels, and all things under-analyzed, follow him on Twitter (@tenthirtyam) or on LinkedIn (

Mario Russo has worked as an IT architect, a senior technical VMware trainer, and has worked in the pre-sales department. He has also worked on VMware technology since 2004.

In 2005, he worked for IBM on the first large project consolidation for Telecom Italia on the Virtual VMware ESX 2.5.1 platform in Italy with Physical to Virtual (P2V) tool. In 2007, he conducted a drafting course and training for BancoPosta, Italy, and project disaster and recovery (DR Open) for IBM and EMC. In 2008, he worked for the project Speed Up Consolidation BNP and he worked for the migration of P2V on VI3 infrastructure at BNP Cardif Insurance.

He is a VCI Certified Instructor Level 2 of VMware and is certified in VCAP5-DCA. He is the owner of Business to Virtual, which specializes in virtualization solutions.

He was also the technical reviewer of the following Packt Publishing books:

  • Implementing VMware Horizon View 5.2

  • Implementing VMware vCenter Server

  • Troubleshooting vSphere Storage

  • VMware Horizon View 5.3 Design Patterns and Best Practices