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Learning PowerShell DSC

By : James Pogran
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Learning PowerShell DSC

By: James Pogran

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Learning PowerShell DSC
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Defining a DSC configuration data file

In the previous sections, we covered using DSC configuration script files with DSC configuration data, but we have not covered exactly how you specify configuration data or how it is stored separately from the configuration scripts. In this section, we will cover this and the rules applying to what configuration data can be specified, as well as some best practices for using it.

When we refer to DSC configuration data, we are referring to any environmental data supplied to the DSC configuration function. This may be slightly confusing, as we mentioned a DSC special variable called $ConfigurationData earlier in this chapter. Try to remember when we refer to the DSC configuration data term that, we are referring to the entirety of the data supplied to the configuration function, not just the data available through the special variable called $ConfigurationData.

DSC configuration data can be supplied either through a hashtable or as a PowerShell manifest...