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Learning PowerShell DSC

By : James Pogran
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Learning PowerShell DSC

By: James Pogran

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Learning PowerShell DSC
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Creating DSC Pull Servers

We covered installing DSC Pull Servers in Chapter 2, DSC Architecture, by showing an example DSC configuration script and listing several steps to configure the server afterwards. If we covered it there, why do we need to devote a chapter to it here? Well, for one, we skipped a lot of detail about how to actually use that DSC configuration. We dived right into an example DSC configuration script, but you couldn't actually use it then because we hadn't yet gotten to Chapter 5, Pushing DSC Configurations, where you learned how to push DSC configurations. Installing the first DSC Pull Server with DSC is like the chicken-and-egg problem; you want to use DSC Pull Server to deploy DSC configurations and handle all the deployment processes for you, but you need to first push a DSC configuration to install the DSC Pull Server. It will require some one-time setup work, but the initial effort will pay dividends as time goes on and you continue to use the DSC Pull Server.