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Learning PowerShell DSC

By : James Pogran
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Learning PowerShell DSC

By: James Pogran

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Learning PowerShell DSC
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Creating a custom PowerShell v5 DSC Resource

As we have progressed through this chapter, we have made some observations about PowerShell v4 DSC Resources. We have seen that DSC Resource MOF schema files are verbose and obtuse. CIM schemas requires many lines to express a simple parameter statement, and the wording used is confusingly different from the wording used inside the PowerShell scripts. Managing both MOF schema files and PowerShell scripts files with essentially the same information is ripe for human error and mistakes.

Microsoft listened to this feedback and came back with PowerShell v5 DSC class-based DSC Resources.

PowerShell classes

PowerShell v5 introduced a new feature called a PowerShell class. If you are familiar with programming in any language, you will recognize this new feature. If not, don't worry about it too much as you can get pretty far with some basic programming knowledge that you already learned using PowerShell. That is one of the original design goals in Jeffery...