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Mastering OpenStack

By : Omar Khedher
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Mastering OpenStack

By: Omar Khedher

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Mastering OpenStack
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Extending OpenStack – Advanced Networking Features and Deploying Multi-tier Applications

Chapter 5. Implementing OpenStack Networking and Security


"To have security, plan ahead."

 --A Sicilian Proverb

The first networking concepts in OpenStack introduced you to some easy ways to manage networking by the means of the nova-network daemon. Different network providers such as FlatManager, FlatDHCPManager, and VlanManager are used to construct the network configurations for the internal and external OpenStack networks. These network managers eventually included a bridging tool as a default gateway for instances in a compute node.

On the other hand, for management and security reasons, it might be considered limited for the following reasons:

  • Flat network: This is a single IP pool and layer 2 domain without tenant isolation

  • VLAN network: This requires manual VLAN configuration on the layer 2 device (switch) for port tagging and trunking

You might have noticed the different existing networks that were deployed in a large OpenStack infrastructure and the need to isolate traffic for better...